Modern Vascular facilities are a group of affiliated outpatient clinics providing minimally invasive endovascular procedures to treat peripheral artery disease. Our mission is to advance the diagnosis and treatment of PAD, and our name defines our overall approach, techniques, and commitment to saving limbs and saving lives.

Our consultative care and concierge service approach is designed to accommodate you, and present the treatment options uniquely available to you—based on your individual needs. These treatment options can be administered or prescribed (based on the severity of your PAD) on site, and allowing you to recover at home.

There are a variety of treatment options for PAD, depending on your age, overall health and the extent of your arterial blockage. Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, daily exercise and proper nutrition can reduce risks and the advancement of PAD, but the first step is to schedule a consultative screening with a board certified physician at Modern Vascular to determine the severity of your condition.

Our patient promise is to deliver the highest level of care, and provide the most innovative and modern vascular procedures. One simple screening could save your limbs, and save your life.