Embrace Foundations Support to Ddamien Project

Embrace Foundation's Support to DDamien Project

 Embrace Foundation is a  non profit organization that believe in embracing kindness and trying to make the World a kinder place one project and one person or animal at a time.

We support DDamien Project  a wonderful nonprofit organization dedicated to saving as many retiring Military, Contract and Law enforcment K9’s as they can care for. We specialize in dogs that are usually not able to be adopted because of behavioral or medical reasons.

We give these dogs an opportunity to find their inner dog again, whether through making new dog friends, relaxing in the sun to watch the mountains, or if they are physically capable, give them the chance to learn great new “jobs” like swimming and Dock Diving.

Most of our dogs were within days of being euthanized because an experienced, safe home could not be found for them. The military has made leaps and bounds in the progress they have made in regards to the adoption program, but there is such a small percentage of homes out there that understand the difficulties that some dogs will have due to training, P, and medical issues. 

From all of us at The Ddamien Project, we want to thank Embrace Foundation for co – hosting a wonderful Valentine’s Day dance and dinner last night! The band was awesome and so was the food!

We also want to thank Mission K9 Rescue for co-hosting this event! Bob Bryant really got the message out there to join us, and it was a great turn out!

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, the last count was close to $1,400 was raised for the working dogs!! We are so very very greatful!