Russian Speaking Jewish Families Celebrate Hanukkah

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Russian Speaking Jewish Families Celebrate Hanukkah

Thank you very much for coming to the Hanukkah Celebration 2018 for Russian Speaking Families. The
Russian Speaking Jewish Families is a grassroots initiative not backed up or affiliated with any institution or

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded people who value the great relationship and want to build a
fun atmosphere for themselves and their children. We have lots of ideas and are already planning a number of
future events. We’ll be getting together for big holidays and small family gatherings, from picnics and campings
to art shows and performances. We’ll make sure the program is interesting to everyone.

“WE” means all of us. We need everyone’s ideas, everyone’s participation, everyone’s help.
Today’s event is only possible because of the tremendous support of our sponsors.

Our Platinum Sponsors

  • WZO
  • Embrace Foundation
  • Lifeway Kefir
  • Cosmo Events LA

Our Gold Sponsors

  • Camp Gesher
  • Chabad of Northridge
  • Mark Wienberg, DDS
  • Russ Lazebnik
  • Foodstirs
  • Pure Organic

Our Silver Sponsors

  • Beverly Hills Home Health Care
  • West Coast Chief Repair
  • Dr. Rubinstein
  • Bezinover Family
  • Groysman Family
  • Svetlana Serebnitsky @ Svetlana Insurance
  • Club Z
  • Alon Beker
  • Bandi Foods
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Apple School
  • My Party Zebra

Thank you to all friends
for their help and support:

  • Gampel Family
  • Dina Gontar and Alex Fridman
  • Naza Holliman – Sweet P and Sky
  • Frenkel Family
  • Rozinskiy – Kogan Family
  • Mamedov Family
  • Kaushansky Family
  • Gogolev Family
  • Geller Family
  • Avital Khazanov
  • Tseselsky – Shagalov Family
  • Alina Vayntrub